Rope Suspension.

A special treat had been organised last night with My Mistress friend for Her special pet. With KittyMinx’s birthday today, one of the things she has really wanted to experience has been rope suspension. I could not think of a better way to make her evening and was more than happy to surprise her with this.

KittyMinx adores rope bondage as it is and this would be an even bigger thrill. With the chest harness and hip harness in position, it did not take long to create the last attachment point on her ankles and finally adding the 3 ropes to the 3 harnesses for the actual suspension. With some assistance from her Mistress, full elevation was achieved efficiently and she was now fully suspended for the very first time.

KittyMinx lasted well in her rope suspension and quickly discovered how relaxing the floating sensation can be and thoroughly enjoyed the feeling of flying that suspension creates.

At the conclusion of this part of her rope bondage experience, I tried out a new simple crossover chest harness which KittyMinx remained in as the three of U/us celebrated her birthday with some delicious Jamaican Chocolate Cheesecake and champagne.

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