Submissive devotion and what this entails.

It is the dream of many slaves and submissives to devote themselves to one special Mistress and this is truly admirable. Unfortunately where this often fails is when a slave or sub cannot step out of their fantasy world and live the reality of true devotion. It takes courage and strength of character to live a life […]

A bush session for My collared slave.

It was such a glorious, warm, sunny Autumn day that it seemed a shame to be stuck in My dungeon for My collared slave’s session. A perfect opportunity to wander into the bush with My bag of rope, nipple clamps and blindfold. A flogger and cane were provided by nature *smirks*. Rope bondage ensured My slave […]

Tantalising torment.

A time of tantalising torment for holly at the end of March. Nipple torture, bondage and a dose of CBT kept My cross dressing sub on edge for a significant length of time which pleased Me immeasurably. It is greatly satisfying to train My sub to understand the ramifications of true sufferance within My realm. *smirks*.

My availability in April.

The first part of this year is progressing quickly and there are some dates next month which will affect sessions. To help you with your forward planning, I will NOT be available for sessions on: Friday 3rd April (Good Friday) Sunday 5th April (Easter Sunday) Monday 6th April (Easter Monday) Wednesday 22nd April (My Birthday) For […]

The 3 ‘R’s

Headmistress Miss Strictland is passionate about the 3 ‘R’s: Ruthless, Relentless and Rectifying. Naughty schoolboys will be dealt with immediate correction using My extensive range of implements which will quickly resolve all unsavoury behaviour. The cane and tawse are two particularly effective implements. If you are unlucky enough to make their acquaintance, your hands and/or buttocks […]